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Hey there!

Lisa here, and welcome to my humble abode!

Here you'll find my ebook creations, personally handcrafted by me.

This was initially born out of a need of an offline access to these wonderful stories. And though there are plenty of versions on the web, i find them quite lacking. Here you have access to my eBooks, with proper formatting and covers.

I hope you'll stick around, and i'll see you later!
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Updated chapters will now be behind patreons only. This change took effect effective 1st week of October, 2021.
Around September of 2021, i was informed that some sites have been hosting my works. Pretty normal internet stuff. But what i find disappointing was that they removed my acknowledgements and claimed it as their own. Hence the decision to lock all future updates only by Patreon.
To be frank with you, you can read every series available on site in the internet, if you look hard enough. No one is stopping you. As for the updates for my formatted epubs? You'll have access to them by joining my Patreon.


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  •  01/12/2023 09:57 PM

It has been a while since i've posted something on my site.

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The Side Chapters have been updated.

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  •  10/03/2020 07:50 PM

Chapter 160 has been fixed.

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