12 Jan

Hello folks!

It has been a while since i've posted something on my site. It's not because i've left this site alone or something, but i strongly believe that as long as something is properly maintained and everything has been working properly, then there is no need to announce something when there is nothing to announce.

Still, some folks just feel that, that is wrong, so apologies for that.

Anyways, it has been more than 1 year since i posted some update to the site, so here's a few info that i can talk about. 

As of to date, there are about 520 epubs in the repository in total. There are 124 titles in the basic folder, 339 titles in the completed folder, and 57 in the plus folder. Patreon members have the option to join as basic or plus, but regardless of membership, they will have access to the completed folders which have grown considerably.

Also, my desktop (which i mentioned on Lisa's Notes #18) which i had for close to 3 years is acting up. I've had issues with my video card since it is abruptly shutting down without any warning whatsover. Last december, i've decided to replace (or is it upgrade) to a 2070 (it was the only readily available video card at the store). Would have loved to select the 30XX series, but the thing is bigger than my pc case, so no dice.

Along with good news, there are also some not so great news, especially on the updating side. WW completely revamped the site and introduced subscription models. Currently, you are only offered 2 free chapters per day, so it is no longer a great site if you want to read novels since you are essentially locked on their programs. To date, i'm only updating ED out of the remaining titles, and the rest are definitely placed at the bottom of my priority list. That would also mean that i've been exploring other sources that i can use to compile the books. As to what that entails, only time will tell.

Other than that, i'll most likely be gonna be independent by this year. Which is something i've been looking forward to for quite a while. Everything is still in the early stages, and i hope nothing derails that too much.

Anyways, season's greetings to you all and take care of yourself!

See you next year, i guess.


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