25 Dec

Hey there!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! 

The year is almost at an end, and this year is certainly not the best years of my life. But despite the obvious, with the pandemic and all, there are still some good things that happened this year, for me at least.

1. Though unintentional, the Work from Home concept was finally implemented on my workplace. It was in the early concept at the start, and only select personnel are identified for the WFH concept. But when the pandemic hits, it was decided that the WFH will be immediately implemented to everyone. Fast forward to today, and it seems that it is feasible. 

2. Finally upgraded my internet line from DSL to Fiber connection. I already told this story in another post, but yeah, the upgrade finally happened this year.

3. This also happened this early this year, but i finally decided to have a desktop computer after using my laptop for a good while. I went to a computer shop to procure and assemble the unit. The unit was finally completed on February 14. After a few days, decided to reformat the whole system because it's giving me errors. It's a Ryzen 5 3600 paired with a GTX 1660 with 16GB RAM. I don't really game with it, but as far as editing is concerned, this fits the bill. My niece plays genshin with it (i don't). 

4. Also went and finally bought an Ipad for novel purposes. I used the funds in my Patreon for that. This is so i can check how the novels look. Expected delivery is 1 week from this post. Not gonna lie, this will be my first, using an apple ecosystem, so i'll be looking forward to it.

5. I bought a car. Totally forgot that that happened this year. I applied for a car loan for that. Story time, I own a Suzuki Dzire  2016. After 5 years, decided to sell it (i had a buyer). And bought a Suzuki Dzire 2020. This one is an automatic variant. In layman's terms, the gear can be manual, or automatic if you want. So you can drive it manually, or you can drive it automatic. I know how to drive manually (my previous car was manual), but i've been sticking with automatic since. Much easier to drive too. There is no clutch, if you're wondering, as that is done automatically in the engine via the Auto Gear Shift System. Mind you, this was before the pandemic, so yeah... payment is a struggle.

Aside from those milestones, there are also downsides as well. 

I still haven't learned a new language due to time constraints, though i have been trying on and off. It just didn't become a habit as i expect it to be. 

Also, my exercise went down the drain. I used to go to the gym, but when the pandemic hits, that's a no go. 

Workload increased due to the WFH setup, so my work times were extended than the standard 8hrs per day.  

My desktop was also moved from my room to the play room, as my niece uses it to play genshin. So everytime i have to do work, i stay in the play room. Plus, it's much cooler in the play room since it has aircon. 

As for the pandemic, yes, the restrictions are still in place. Not on lockdown, but everyone is required to wear face mask and face shield when going to the city. Our city has one of the strictest protocols compared to the rest of the country, so that might give some, ideas where it is. There's a curfew set in the evening, but i hear it is lifted on 24, 25, and on new year. No parties though, that is strictly prohibited, and by parties, i mean inviting other people.

Whatever happens, i hope you have a blessed Merry day on your side. And if things are not really that great, well, there's always another day to improve your day. 

Focus on the simple things in life.

See you later!

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