01 Jul

Hey There!

I've pretty much scrapped every post i've had before, and start anew. This will serve as my outlet for any queries coming from you guys and gals!

Anyways, i've revived my old request tracker to track any and all requests that i receive. Once i'm done setting it up, i'll add it on the site later.

Also, i've scrapped the fancy timeline update page that i've added a few days ago, and replaced it with an embedded googlesheet. This will save me a lot of time when i update things since i'll just focus on the googlesheet.

I've received plenty of messages since i've added the requests page, but i've noticed that some requests are already present on the site. I'm not one to chastise other people's mistakes, but do look before you leap. As for the requests, just keep them coming. I'll see what i can do during my free time.

As for criterias over the epubs, i don't really have one.

I have a tendency to not focus on QI titles because i have no "reliable" source for them. An exception can be made for those popular titles as there are aggregator sites and discords that one can use.

I tend to lean on titles which jumps from one translation team to another. Those are rewarding to make.

As for those who want to aid in virtual currencies such as the SS in QI or any other, ...it's not on my best interest to pursue that avenue. If anything comes up that i require an aid for this, i'll communicate it as clearly as possible. Though if you can point me to a "very" reliable source, except QI underground or QU discord or their forums/site, that would be a very welcome help.

As for those requested Japanese licensed novels, i don't think those will be available on the site. While i love to create an ePub for it, i'd like to avoid potential problems arising from it. Quite hypocritical of me since there are other novels that are currently present on site.

I'm not sure what the "open source" was asked by another user. If you're referring to the Google Data Studio, i've removed it already.

As for the compiled versions for the ongoing series, I was surprised that some users prefer the old model than the compiled ones. I still have no workaround for it, but it's nice to hear a constructive feedback for it. Perhaps change your ebook reader app or something? (I don't own an apple device so i have no idea.)

As for the issues on BP, i tried going back to ww but it has been removed from their list. I guess i'll just use aggregate sites for it. I didn't notice it before, so i'll update it some other time.

Some are also asking how to download the files on the site. Just go to the novels section, select the series, and click on the picture. It should open a new window with the adlink. Clear the CAPTCHA if asked and wait for the link to show up. When clicked, you should be prompted to save the file. I've set it up as direct download this time.


I will be on official business starting today for 4 days. No updates till then.

See you later!

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