26 Jul

Hey there!

Took some time off to remind people that i'm having some really terrible internet connectivity issues since last sunday or so. It happened right after a severe storm, so i will assume that the spliced part of my internet cable got damaged again. I still need to report it to the service provider.

Also, i would like to take this opportunity to thank all those people who leave a message of appreciation or two. Your messages bring positive vibes and made me realize that despite the "archaic" file format, people still have the need for it. I am fully aware that there are more "modern" means of accessing your favorite novels, via phone apps and such, but the digital book format is the closest thing to an enjoyable experience, sans ads.

Speaking of real life, i did previously mention that i am quite uncertain about the stability of my current job. Well, starting next month, i will be taking up a new position on my current company. About 2 weeks after that, i will be "relocated" to another place for a project that will span for at most, a good 2 years or so. Simply put, i will lose all access to my computer at home, and will be relying my company laptop for editing and update of the epubs. (off-hours, of course)

That would mean losing access to my custom scripts to download the chapters from the source. Which sucks, as i really, really prefer to grab the chapters from the source. I have an alternate "crawler" as an alternative, so i will probably be using that to grab the chapters from then on. Who knows how "reliable" those are, but i don't really have much choice at the moment.

If you notice a drop on the updates in the next few weeks, then the paragraph above is the reason for it.

Getting on to the main point, the topic i want to address are the "privileged" chapters from our resident QI. I wasn't really mindful when i've read about it about two weeks ago in discord, and thought that the chapters are still available via normal ways. It turns out that they designed their model to be accessible only via phone apps, and if you want to access these "privileged" chapters, you are most likely gonna have to use real money.

Long story short, I don't have access to the privileged chapters in QI, nor do the sources for my QI have. Last i checked, RTW is already completed, but the last few chapters are behind "privileged" access. So that sucks. I am not angry, just disappointed that i cannot access them normally. Who knows, maybe someone has access to them and will share it with me. There are times that other people will share their files with me, so in kind, i use their contributions for the updates.


  • I'd received a message that dropbox links are not working for an individual. Unfortunately, i cannot recreate the same problem. I've randomly selected 5 links, opened them via private mode, and the links all works.
  • as for the old epubs which was subdivided per 100 chapters, those are already gone. Well, technically gone on my new setup. Granted, just opening a 1500+ chapter epub for editing and update WILL TAKE SOME TIME TO LOAD (about a minute or so of waiting just for the epub to load). and the same thing when saving the epub, but that's only on my end part. The finished product is only one file.
  • No. I am still not in the mood to update the grandmaster strategist. 
  • The Google Studio report is also gone.
  • Speaking of the first hunter, i could've sworn i've uploaded the completed version. Turns out, i was wrong. Seeing that i no longer have the completed file, i'll have to start from scratch again. So it will take some time.
  • As for all the requests, please don't raise your expectations that i will attend to each and every requests that i've received. I'll personally use them as reference on the next new epub that i'll create. But i'll not promise that i'll make them all. I'm not that crazy.... yet.
  • As for the frequency of my updates? No. I don't have a regular schedule, unlike others. Having a schedule means making a commitment. I don't want to be obligated to do this on a fixed schedule. I don't want to say an apology just because i miss a schedule. I'll update what i can, when i can, and still live as a decent human being on real life.
  • Some of the requested titles are available via patron, Cafe Plus tier. Sorry, i had to select some titles that are accessible to cafe plus members only.
  • As for god and devil world, if there are mistakes, that one is on me. See, i was following the previous translator for this series before QI took over. I just basically look for commonality on the chapter titles and just blindly continued where QI took off. I guess i was mistaken on that.
  • The chinese, japanese, korean sections are still offline. No ETA when it will be back.

Alright, that's enough rambling for today. I'll see if i can update later.

See you later!

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