20 Jun

Been a while since i've posted here.

Anyways, completed series since the last post.

  1. Godly Model Creator
  2. Game of Divine Thrones
  3. Moon's Labyrinth
  4. Fallen Monarch
  5. Kill the Hero
  6. Everyone is Young Except For Me
  7. Garbage Brave - Isekai Ni Shoukan Sare Suterareta Yuusha (LN)
  8. Heaven's Official Blessing
  9. Battle Frenzy
  10. Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain
  11. Soul Land
  12. Tomb Raider King
  13. Doppio Senso
  14. 108 Maidens of Destiny
  15. Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes, All Thanks to a Single Moment of Impulse

You can find these in the releases page.

And i'll take some time answering some queries.

- someone was asking about the contents page. If you're referring to the table of contents, all epubs have proper ToC in them. Almost every form of epub reader can render the ToC properly. It's not another page, but i'm using the proper ToC for epubs instead. If you're not seeing them, i highly suggest to use another form of epub reader. To check, you can use the google play books, upload some of my epubs, and access the ToC. it should display properly.

- regarding forgotten juliet, i'm not doing that only for the sole reason that there are no proper sources for that series. Aggregate sites mostly have 10 chapters or more and it's not even finished.

- as for where i can request novels, just use the remaks section. You can throw any messages you want there.

- The MEMORIZE series was removed. Not because of anything, but simply because i lost my copy. Not sure if i want to recreate it again.

That's it. Stay safe.

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