03 Oct

Hey there!

Been a while i've posted some updates on the site. That's because the updates page has been regularly updated and there's no need to make one.

But anyways, some news, and it's not a good one.

(copy paste from my patreon page)

Hey all!

I'll probably be skipping out on the update this week as i try to organize things after being informed that some other site(s) are using my works and claiming as their own. I am not really the type to lash out at other people if they share my epubs, but what i really don't like and hate, is other people using my epubs, removing the acknowledgements, and replacing it with their own, and claiming it as their work.

I'll probably be locking out the ongoing novels as a primary measure, and make them accessible starting at the basic tier. Apologies for the inconvenience but you'll have to deal with this changes.

Attached is one of the edited epubs. You won't really notice anything if you are using an ebook reader as far as content is observed, but if you use some epub editors like sigil and calibre, then you'll notice that the acknowledgement has been removed and replaced.

Updates will most likely be locked to patreons in the future. 

Anyways, see you later.

So that's that.

As for the links, nothing will change as of this time stamp. So you can still download what was available since.

What will change though, is the updates (mentioned above).

 I will probably be reviving the features pages back due to this.

You can visit my patreon page for the sample of the offending epub. It is only one of the many that they "claim" as their own.


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