29 Nov

1, 2, 3...10, 11, 12...15, 16 days.

16 days.

That's how long i had to wait when i had an internet outage at my home. That's also how long where i have very sketchy internet connection where it is basically close to impossible in updating the files. I tried updating a single novel on my collection, then i realized that it will take me at most 40minutes to upload a 12mb file. So i had to wait. Until now.

And i have quite a story to tell.The good news is, fiber connection is finally available in our place. That was way back in September. I noticed that there are servicemen installing the main fiber optic line at the posts beside the road. So being the busy person that i am, i decided to inquire about how to apply on the fiber connection. I was redirected to an agent, filled up the application form. And wait.Come November, and i noticed that they are installing the line to those who applied to their homes. So i wait.

1 week went by, but nothing happened. I asked the sales agent, and was told to wait as there is nothing he can do on his side. Another week went by but still nothing was going on. Surely something was amiss (something was amiss, but i'll get to that later). Good thing that another sales agent went rounds and inquired those who haven't yet applied. I'm pretty pissed and disappointed at the previous sales agent, so i decided to apply to the new sales agent, using my father's name instead. After 3 days, the new sales agent called up stating that the application of my father's name has issues (having same family name, and address). So i had to call that sales agent, and had to use my niece's name to apply.Finally that went through, but i later found out that the available slot to tap the connection is only 2 (down to 14 since there are also other application at my place), and one is already reserved to our barangay captain.

So i must've called each day to the new sales agent to remind to please prioritize the installation from post to the residence to me first, to ensure that i get that remaining slot.As i was about to call on another day, the sales agent personally visited my residence with the installation team (it was sub-contracted) to tap the line. I was 99% sure that i would have internet that day, but nope. The installation team only installs the line. The activation of the modem will be done by another company representative. So i had to wait. Again.8 days passed since then, and finally, i got a call from the representative to install and activate the modem. The installation went pretty fast in the morning, and in the afternoon, i finally have the connection.

Also, i forgot to mention. Turns out that my application would never be fulfilled (that was submitted in September). It seems that the company received/issued an internal memo that for all existing lines, any upgrades or new installations would be denied. If i went for an upgrade, then my application will be denied. In my application for a new fiber connection, it would also be denied since it is under my name. The second application with my father's name would also be denied since we have the same family name and address. It would have been good if there's feedback, but nope.

The only reason that i have a new connection is that i used a different name, hence i got the slot. So yep, no more agonizing internet.The last few days has been stressful for me, due to the coordination and disappointment of my old application, the rush of reapplying three times (since the 2nd one got denied), and the nervous wreck of waiting for the installation of the line due to the limited slot. Finally, i can let go of all that.

So let me take a day off tomorrow and enjoy the new connection. Once that's done, i can settle back and update the titles again. It was an unwanted downtime, and more stressful than i liked, but finally everything's done.In another alternate universe, there must be a world where i didn't get that last slot, and would be miserable by the end of the year.

Anyways, see you later! 

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