17 Jun

Hey there folks!

I hope you're well on your side. I had to take a couple of days off from updating. My carpal tunnel returned and i need to rest my wrist. I will resume in a few days. My doctor advised to rest at least a week, or find a comfortable position when using the computer. Also, i have a weird back pain on my left side of my hips. It only hurts when i try to stand up or shift my weight. I haven't visited my chiropractor because, unfortunately, the place he resides is currently on lockdown due to high number of covid cases. This was remedied before, but i guess i slept weirdly one time and it's back.

On another note, i will be changing the internal structure of the dropbox folders. This was long overdue. Instead of having individual folders for each series, the folders will be removed, and all files will now belong in one folder for each category (basic, completed, plus).

As for the reason for the individual folders, this was a residual effect when i still split the series into 100 chapters epubs way back when i started this. But since i shifted to single epubs for series, i forgot to forego the folders.

I will start the folder change after this post.

I still have to add some series requests to do, so there's that.

See you later.

TLDR; changed my source setup, and it most likely broke the download links.

oh well, i'll fix it tomorrow or something...

if you really can't wait, you can join my patreon.

there's always that.

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