31 May

Hey there folks!

Long time since i've added a new post on the site. By the time you'll access the site, you'll notice some obvious changes. I'll list the ones i can remember.

Good News:

1) Switched from light theme to dark theme. There really is no "dark" theme so to speak, as i just changed the background to black. I would have opted for a switch like on some fancy sites, but there's none, so our new theme would be black.

2) The epub database is gone. I was very ambitious when i tried to use it for the epubs. It did went live for a couple of months, but ever since then, i haven't updated it since. Yes, i have read the comments on all the mistakes for that layout, and i was planning to update them. Turns out that maintaining it is a lot more work than i anticipated. Eventually i gave up on it. You won't see it anymore, as the information of it is very outdated, and i have altogether deleted that page.

3) The old "RELEASE" page is gone. Only to be replaced with... the new "RELEASE" page. This is a facelift, as well as a refresh of my database monitoring since the old one is quite cumbersome to use. I put in a lot of customization on the old database that it severely hampered my "flow"when updating the database. You can click on the Series name and it will link you to the novelupdates page.

4) The adlinks are gone. They are now replaced with google drive links. I'm sure most would welcome this change. No alternate links though. I doubt i would hit the google drive quota for these small epubs.

5) Introduction of the library section. This will replace the previous epub database. This will have 3 major categories (or 4 if i add the english ones), and a sub categories as well. Currently, the Chinese section is now available on site. Ongoing is done, while the Completed sub category is still incomplete.

6) In relation to the new RELEASE page, There are a lot of titles that are now available in the site. Going by my database, ALL COMPLETED NOVELS that i have compiled ever since, is now available. As well as a couple of ongoing ones. Happy hunting!

Bad News:

1) The library section is currently incomplete. Currently, only the Chinese section is usable, and a test entry for the Japanese section is done. The Korean section is currently unavailable for use.

2) There are still novels that are not yet present in the library section.  I will update them as time permits. (you can use the release page for the links as it is complete)

3) The covers in the epubs does not currently match the epub covers in the library section. Again, i will update them when i get there. For patrons, this is not an issue as they automagically get the updates.

So here's what is currently on the plate.

1) Update all ebook covers to new template. - currently ongoing. (197/353 or 55% more or less) 

2) Update ebook to new covers - currently ongoing. Will continue once i complete the first item.

3) Update the library section. Once the two items above are done.

The world is still crazy, and the new normal still isn't that well. I think there's civil unrest in America due to police violence, and in India, covid samples were stolen by a monkey. This year has been the worst so far.

Stay safe everyone.

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