07 Jan

Hey there folks!

Happy new year!  (better late than never)

Another new year full of surprises.

As of this post, there are a total of 301 titles that is available on the database. 238 titles are available on site. 63 titles are available on patreon, with 34 of those, only available on Cafe Plus tier. So that's a whole lot more compared when i started this endeavor.

As for 2020 plans, i will most likely lean more on completed series than ongoing series. I've just figured out how to view completed titles on novelupdates, so that will help a lot. I will still continue updating the ongoing series though. This was suggested by Bjartskular last August. Looks like i'll be following your suggestion. Thanks!

I *might* just also release an *unedited* versions for those titles which can be easily compiled, but will take a lot of work editing. Titles from GT and QI comes to mind. In fact, QI has very minor editing done since i don't have a reliable source for it.

While i loathe having unedited titles, i also don't want to miss out some of the titles that are currently in the scene. Way back when i started this, quality was my first and foremost, next to quantity. Now, there are way more titles than one can read in a lifetime, and i don't want to miss out on some things. Of course, there will be a minimum edit on the formatting, but as far as the content is concerned, it will be mostly untouched, cringy footnotes and all.

Again, i am not competing on being having the latest chapters. You can go to the source for that. Though, i really don't mind if you message me on updating on some of the titles you want updated. 

As for the series that i am currently following, i'm still reading Library of Heaven's Path. It is a refreshing take on the cultivation world where the protagonist is bestowed with a library where he can acquire and perfect cultivation techniques using the library, and also shows the flaws of the enemies he encounter. It is a fun read, and the story does not take things too seriously. I'm already at chapter 1800+ and nearing the latest chapters. After that, i'll probably go back to emperor's domination where i have quite a lot of stockpile to read, 100+ chapters.

And yes, i haven't read most of your recommendations. Sorry about that. Simply put, i don't have the time to do that, given that i am also creating epubs, plus other real life things. Tell you what. Tell me what's good about the series you are following, and it might just sway me to read your favorites. Korean novels are recommended!

Also, this marks the end of my long vacation, and will resume real life work. 

So, expect decrease in updates due to work.

Oh, for my patrons, thank you so much for sticking around with me.

For those who have left, well, thanks for the time all the same.

Anyways, i hope you had a fun last year, and mey you have a fruitful new year as well.

See you later!


- With the issue on the great ruler, you might want to redownload the file. I updated the file from QI to WW. Which happened around new year. I think the chapter issues are resolved. I switched to WW since they are a more reliable source than QI.

- as for AST, i haven't really checked the file since. I'll check it on weekends.

- unrivaled tang sect is available for patrons

- castle of black iron missing chapters? if you're referring to additional side chapters, then yes they are not present. But as far as the main storyline is concerned, that is complete. This is just like the slime series where i stopped updating when the main storyline is complete. Just until recently were the side chapters were complete, so that's the time to update the series.

- i'm having trouble understanding how the series progresses for some japanese titles. So i'll have to look into it some more.

- classic wuxia novels? I've already grabbed them at the source, but it will take some time. Each chapters has like 15 to 20 footnotes, and that is quite tedious to edit. TLDR, it is already there, but it will take a bit of time to complete.

- issue with TOC? Oh, that was when i was using the v1.0 of Sigil when editing epubs. The epub shows fine on epub3 compliant ebook readers, but on older readers, they're having issues. I might have missed quite a few titles where the TOC is still broken. If you notice them, please report it to me so that i can update the file.

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