30 Dec

Hey there, folks!

After trying out the v1.0 of Sigil after a few weeks, things didn't work out at best. So with that said, i'll be reverting back to the last stable release which is v0.98.

It's more of a personal choice, seeing that when i was editing the chapters, my footnotes are being broken when i am transferring the chapter files from the editing phase to the final phase.

There was nothing wrong when i was using the old version, and the latest version is really not working well for me.

Also enjoy the somewhat daily updates. I have a week to myself, without work, so i have plenty of free time.

Granted i can use that free time on other things, but i also want to update my collection.

Once i am back to work, expect the daily updates to drop.

As for the sage monarch, it will take some time. That thing has lots of footnotes to edit.

New releases are being added for the patrons.

And Happy New Year!

See you next year!

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