21 Dec

Hey there, folks!

Happy holidays! I hope everyone is enjoying Christmas. As for me, i had a not so great week last week since i got bed-ridden for a last couple of days due to sickness. Anyways, i'm feeling a lot better now.

As for updates, i'll slowly get back to them. 

Again, as mentioned, for QI titles, i will most likely no review the footnotes, so you may see them from time to time.

Okay, see you later!


I forgot to mention. Sigil has finally released version 1.0!

Of course, i will be adapting to it, after this post.

So expect all updates and new titles to be done on the 1.0 Sigil.

As for the formattings and all, i don't know how it will affect all, so we'll see.

I'll still do EPUBCHECK though, as a mandatory requirement..

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