Introspection of the New Site

This was originally posted on my wordpress site, so i'm striking out some texts.

So a few days have passed, and i'm still in the "hypercare support" stage, as i adjust and tweak what is necessary in the overall improvement of things.

Here's the TL;DR

  • epub pages will be on the new site.
  • the rest will still be the same.

Here's a summary of the changes:

  1. The epub pages will be on the new site. Yep. I really enjoy the search mode of the new site. I don't have to click so many links, and instead, just type the title of the series, and ta-da! search found.
  2. New titles will be on the new site, too. I don't have plans to add them here. So, i'll just leave it at that.
  3. Announcements will be done on this site, and also on the new site too! I was trying out things on the new site, and while the blog option of it is robust, wordpress offers more compared to it. Plus, long time users are already subscribed here. It would be a huge loss if i were to disregard it.
  4. Speaking of announcements, I will be removing the updates section of the new site, and replace it with a timeline-like view. Totally different from the usual format. While it works, i am thinking of using the new site to host ONLY the epub pages. Making things nice and neat.
  5. I will also be removing the recommendations page on the new site. Instead, the pinned recommendations page here will be used.
  6. Speaking again of announcements, I will be using a new format to announce the updates. That was clearly evident on the latest update. Instead of using pic, the new format will contain the series title, and the latest chapter of the series will now be visible on the update post. Users will just have to click on the series name and they will be redirected to the new site automagically. I think that is much, much better than what i was doing previously.
  7. The subscription on the new site would be most likely ignored. While i did request for users to subscribe on the new site, its behavior is not what i expected. Users can still subscribe to it, though, but you won't receive any new notifications from it, starting after this post.

So it looks like it's going back full circle... somewhat.

I don't know how responsive wordpress is, but i'm pretty sure that the new site loads quite fast. I will stick around here, and only update the pages on the new site as needed.

So that's it. Take care and see you later!