What Is, and How to Use Moon+ Reader for Reading eBooks

30 Sep



There are plenty of apps available in the market, so why this app?

  • Not to sound like a geek, but as far as ePub standards are concerned, Moon+ Reader does a very good job in supporting it. So, that's a very big plus for me.
  • Opening large ePubs are significantly much faster compared to others. Have i stressed MUCH FASTER enough? Seriously, other apps pales in comparison with this feature.
  • A plethora of tweaks for your fonts, for your reading pleasure!
  • On a side note, there is an option on the app to "use embedded fonts in book", so you get to select the font version that is packaged within my ebooks.
  • customize the way you control how you read your ebooks. Swipes, gestures, hardware keys can all be mapped according to your preferences.
  • A very decent bookshelf format, that nicely showcases my ebooks.
  • Change your background style. From the default plain colors to textured paper styles, to something green so that your eyes can relax.
  • Dropbox / Google Drive link support! (i haven't really used it though. I use a separate app to sync my ebooks in my phone)
  • Auto-scroll for the lazy ones. (i occasionally use it when i remember that there's that feature)
  • Highlight a word and you can do all sort of things with it. My favorite is highlighting a word then search with Google. Easy-peasy!
  • Support for pop-up footnotes, which my ebooks are notorious of!
  • Bluelight filter mode. Very very important nowadays. Not trying to scare people, but there have already been conclusive scientific study and research on the harmful effects of blue light, most notably on the acceleration of damage to your eyes.

Do note that, it has ads. That is why there's a PRO version. 

Okay, so i've mentioned quite a lot already, but the point is, it really is a good app for reading ebooks. Other than that, i also highly recommend GOOGLE PLAY BOOK which is tied up to your Google account. Other than that having limits on file size, as well as 1000 ebooks only, it is also a very effective ebook reader. 

Moving on, when you first start up the app, you'll first be greeted with a splash screen, then it shows something like this.

That's nice and all, but what we want is to see all the ebooks that we have in a nice bookshelf view. Something like this.

Btw, the bookshelf view is one of the entries of the menu. Just click on my shelf.

Once on the bookshelf view, we need to add some ebooks! So click on the upper right corner, and select IMPORT BOOKS.

NOTE: IMPORT BOOKS does not mean that the app will copy the book and store it in its preferred location. The function pretty much INDEXES where the books are located. In short, you don't have to worry that the app will do something like MIGRATE the book into another folder and such, like what other apps usually do.

Navigate to where the folders of the ebooks are and select it. There are also plenty of settings that you can tweak. Other formats such as PDFs are also supported.

Then it should start indexing quite fast. Once it's done, it should greet you with a screen displaying all the ebooks that it has indexed.

Which is actually very nice. But we can tweak it some more, especially when your ebook cover isn't very helpful, or you want to know the titles of the ebooks. Good thing my ebook covers are very informative, no?

Click on the FILTER ICON. (the icon beside the search icon), and on the pop-up menu, click on the gear icon.

UNCHECK that USE WOODY BACKGROUND. There are other settings you can  explore, but not necessary.

Close the pop-up menu and the result should look like this.

and that's it.

BTW, here are the minute differences between the default font of the app, and the embedded font in the ebook. 

(using default font)

(using the embedded font - more spacey)

(default font)

(using the embedded font - again more spacey)

and lastly, this is what usually happens to other apps, when they ignore my CSS settings in the ebook.

Anyways, these are just some of the tips i can share should you have been using this app. I can't say it's perfect, but i can definitely say it's more effective compared to the rest.

Here are my short thoughts on others apps in the Android ecosystem. For Apple, you're gonna have to look for the best ones you can find, seeing that i do not have an Apple device at hand.

  • LITHIUM EPUB READER - actually really good. But you have no control as to what ebooks are added to the app. It just scans your whole device and add them as they are found.
  • READERA FREE EBOOK READER - has its own formatting. don't want.
  • PRESTIGIO - same as ReadEra. don't want.
  • FULLREADER - broke the CSS of my ebooks. nada.
  • LIBRERA - too slow.
  • and plenty more to mention... but the bottom line is, they either destroy the formatting of the book by using their own formatting, or it has trouble opening 1000+chapters ebooks, or it simply lack features.

Last and final tip.

If possible, grab the PRO VERSION when it's on sale. That is the best time to buy this app.

Otherwise, if you're a cheapskate, settle for the free version.

Personally though, i purchased the PRO VERSION way back when it was on sale.

So i recommend you do the same. Otherwise, go for pro!

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