Using the "break" element properly

10 Apr

Well, #$%^.

Sometimes, when you're just self-taught and try out things, you're bound to do things the wrong way.

Which apparently, i am.

Since the start of all this.

Way back 2+ years ago.

One of the more distinct "features" on my epubs is a clear space between paragraphs. And apparently, i'm doing it incorrectly.

See, i'm using breaks to add spaces between paragraphs. Kinda like the way when we use MS Word, and we press the "enter" key multiple tiles to add spaces in our paragraphs.

I mean, it works. I have been using this method for more than two years. But i've just recently learned that this method is just a bad practice. And old habits die hard.

See, the proper way to add spaces between paragraphs, is via CSS. By utilizing




To get an idea between these two, i highly suggest to visit this site. It basically just defines the difference between the two, but it explains it beautifully.

So what does this mean? On your end, i guess not so much. On my end? Weellll..............

It should boost my editing speed by 10% 15% 20% seeing that i don't have to deal with line breaks anymore. 

Then, of course, it's a given that i have to do a miiiinoooooor edit on my CSS stylesheets to apply this newfangled knowledge. (really, it's just two lines)

Which i'll have to apply to each epub i have.

But then again, to regain my sanity, i'll just apply this new technique on the new epubs.

as well as apply this to other css styles such as lists and etc.


+ new skill acquired!

+ editing +20%

Anyways, see you later! 

Who says you can't teach old dogs new tricks?!

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