Update 417

28 May

  • Here's today's updates. Patrons automatically receive the updates when i update them.
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And some changes being implemented on the site.

  • I  changed the links into another service. That was done last sunday. The reason being, the previous link did not really work on my part, so i had to change it.
  • There has been some changes on the epubs section as well. Each series page has its own data studio links embedded on the page. This has been a major pain problem on my part because on the old method, i have to update the page every time there is a new epub added for that series. The embedded links used will now automagically update itself, and will add any new links for newly created epubs. This saves me a lot of work in the long run.
  • There is an added field that displays how many chapters have been added since the last update. Nobody asked for this but i figured some of you will like it.

To Do:

  • Add all the titles in the epubs section. It is currently barebones as is, and i do not have that much free time to update the site. I'll get there eventually.

Other News:

  • While i do not talk much about my current job on this site, i figured that mentioning it this time, will take a huge load off my chest, as well as lessen the stress i am currently facing. Short story is, the current company i work with is downsizing and i do not know if i still have a job (or not) in the next 3 months. Main reason is market competition. 
  • I'm feeling stressful lately due to this. Throw in a pinch of depression too.

Lisa's Letters:

  • Someone mentioned about great demon king and hail the king. I'll add them by this week. 
  • As for the query about the cover page of Peerless White Emperor... i honestly don't remember. What happened was, i searched for an image for this series, and it was the closest, most decent one i could find. I did read this series until its hiatus, and i've yet to read the new chapters after that.
  • A couple of korean titles have been suggested. I'll look into it. :)
  • Password? You can find the password in the services section. OOOOR, you can just literally scroll down the main page. You should be able to spot it.
  • With regards to the strongest system. Unfortunately i am not a miracle worker. Whatever quality is the translation, that is retained in the epub version.

What have you been reading lately?

Peerless Martial God

(already at chapters 1800+)

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