Update 415 + Site Update

25 Apr

Hey there, folks!

The holy week's over, so back to normal grind. The vacation was fun but, unfortunately, i was bedridden for a couple of days due to tonsillitis. It happened the day after the vacation.

Medicine's expensive, and it sucks.

Anyways, new features!

After pondering for a few minutes, i've decided to open the new ePUB section that will be replacing the old ePUB section that i had before. In hindsight, i wasn't really using the website properly, so i had much difficulty updating the pages. It was also the reason why i completely abandoned the old section and used the google studio database. The new section will be much more flexible on my part, as i can easily switch categories on the couple of titles that i have, especially when it is completed. The links are completely the same as the one on the google studio database.

The downside is that it has been partially populated with titles. Mind you, i have more than 200+ titles to add, so it will take a while.

I will be adding them as long as i have some free time (which i currently don't have much right now).

The awesometable has also been removed. I haven't touched the database in months, and i have zero interest fixing it. Although, i assume it still works based on the parameters that i have set on it. So it was an experiment that ended in failure.

There are a couple of titles that have been updated. Do check them out on the status page.

See you later!

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