Update 405

13 Jan

Hey there!

Updates took some time. Work and all. 

  • Emperor's Domination (c1927)
  • Life Mission (c262)
  • Limitless Sword God (c548)
  • Long Live Summons (c716)
  • Magic Chef of Fire and Ice (c77.1)
  • Main Character Hides His Strength (c148)
  • Martial God Space (c650)
  • Master Hunter K (c181)
  • Release that Witch (c1295)

So here's what's going on with the updates.

I still have about 37 titles that needs to be updated.

These 37 titles have not been updated for at most, like 5 months now. 

That's my bad.

Thanks for the suggestions and comments.

See you later!

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