Update 398

26 Dec

First of all, i would like to take a moment and say thanks to Bob, for taking his time in critiquing on some of the epubs that have problems. I usually aim to make all my epubs compliant to standards, but i guess a few are not.

Nevertheless, thank you for mentioning them. I truly appreciate it. (and they are all fixed, btw)

Fixes: (standards compliant)

- Archfiend (Book 2)

- A Will Eternal (Book 6)


- Invincible (c871)

- Lord of All Realms (c695)

- Martial God Asura (c3148)

- Martial World (c2027)

- Overgeared (c903)

- Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World (c524)

- Renegade Immortal (c1334)

- Sovereign of the Three Realms (c1415)

- Spirit Realm (c1214)


I'm still cycling from WW, then to GT, then to QI. So some updates will take a while.

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