Update 396

12 Dec

Hey there!

I haven't been posting much since i've been soo busy with work, Christmas season and all.

Nevertheless, i have been updating behind the scenes.

- Yes, i will be releasing Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken, but it will be in a few more days. I've already spent more than 3 weeks editing the chapters, even going as far as scrapping my edits that is 90% done, and going back to square one. I think that's my OCD kicking my butt again.

- as for the dead links, i've been accessing random links in the site but it still works. Though i did realize just how ***** the short url currently is. I will be shifting, again, to shorte.st. It is not my priority at the moment though.

- I will be running through all the series and making sure that they are all updated on the month of December, so that before the year ends, i expect that all the series are at least updated.

- and yes, i've read all you comments and suggestions. just hold your horses though. It's December and there are lots of social activities that i will be attending to.

- background updates are still on going! If for some reason you cannot wait for the updates, why don't you become my patron?

I'll see you later!

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