Update 390

15 Oct

Cycling through the updates

And now for some comments. And yes, i do read ALL your comments. Whether it be angry rants, words of appreciation, and most importantly, feedback on any issues on the ebooks i make.

  • The misplaced chapter of The Great Ruler is now fixed. For the record, the chapter is also labeled wrong on the source. BTW it's chapter 430.
  • As for the sequels of Worm... no plans yet.
  • And a shoutout to a special reader who shared me where to read premium qi novels. It's an aggregator site, so no surprise there. Anyways, someone also asked me about it so the name of the site is wuxiaworld.co ( didn't bother to link to it). Oh, and while they are quite useful. Quality-wise, they are not reliable, so i don't use them.
  • And thanks for the reminders for what needs updates. I'll just put them in the backburner along with the rest.


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