Update 386

16 Sep

Most of my time was consumed updating the 8th Mage since that site is utterly !@$^$. Each chapter is further divided into pages, which doesn't help. I haven't seen a decent ePub for this series, so you're getting this one quality wise. Other epubs are just garbage.

In fact, if you have time to waste, try reading one of the translated chapters from their site. I'm sure you'll have a lovely time.

There's even a help thread in novelupdates:


oh, and btw.

This might seem unintentional from the translator team but there are A FEW MISSING LINES from the series reincarnator. If you are reading the chapters from GT, you will miss them. Those missing lines are incorrectly parsed by the website, hence they will not show up. This has also been mentioned by some of the comments from the chapters. 

Anyways, they are fixed in the epubs, so you can read them just fine.

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