Update 369

06 Jun


Now for some issues:

  • I'm having issues accessing with pCloud as of late. And so far, at least 2 have voiced out having problems with it. So i'm trying to replicate if there's really a problem or not with the existing links.
  • Also, with that issue, i am unable to add any new ePubs, new or existing, to the site. Soo, that would mean that all new epubs will have to be relegated to patrons. Shameless plug! My patreon page can be accessed here! For as little as a dollar, you will have access to all my ePubs.
  • QI has just updated their site, and that means that my script for their titles are broken for chapters that are behind their wall. I'm not sure that i'll be updating it, or i'll just stick to the aggregate sites for them. Much easier IMO.

And now for some more narratives :)

Q. With the amount of titles you have, can you keep up with the latest chapters?

A. Of course not, silly! I'm just a single person doing a one-woman show. In fact, i am not even thinking of competing for latest chapters on my epubs. My aim has always been to create ePub versions of some titles, but i did not specify that it should be updated to its latest releases. Granted, it is nice that it is updated to its latest chapter every now and then, if i set my goal to always update to the latest chapters, i'd go insane. If you want updated epubs, go to that asian novel site. Personally though, just go to your favorite site and read the latest chapters there. That's much much more convenient.

Q. Audio in epubs?

A. It's interesting you've asked me that. Way back then when Deathblade started introducing audio clips on how to pronounce their names... right around chapters 400+ i think, for the series I Shall Seal The Heavens, i've attempted to insert that audio clip to the ePubs, with no satisfactory results. EPUB2 version is just not designed for audio files. EPUB3 version, on the other hand, support embedded audio files, so that's good to know. Unfortunately, the embed is very dependent on EPUB3 compliant epub readers, that for the majority of ePUB readers that exists today would not be able to recognize it, let alone play it. So it is feasible, but it's too fickle to most readers that the effort is not worth it. It is a nice exercise though, but in the end, i've dropped it and stick to the script instead.

Anyways, see you later!

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