26 May

Updates for the week!

As you may noticed (or not, then yay!), there are some slight changes on the new chapters for some titles. This is primarily due to changes on the script. The changes are totally acceptable and fine by me, as they are mostly just omissions or two. Honestly though, you won't notice it one bit.

And now for more ramblings!

- Is Lisa Hayes my real name? 

No. If you do a google search, then you would know that she's an awesome character from the Macross series (or Robotech in the western audience). It's pretty much my number one anime of all time. 

Lisa is my First name, though. So there. 

So you can casually call me Lisa.

- Who or what is Hasseno?

Haha, google won't help you this time, as there's too many hits for that. Hasseno, or more appropriately Hatsuseno, is the name of my avatar from the series Yokohama Kaidashi Kikō. It's a manga series by Hitoshi Ashinano. One of my wishes is to have the physical version of this manga series. Even better if it's autographed by the author.

It's a slice-of-life manga, and i've been using her as my persona until today.

Anyways, see you later!

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