Update 365

19 May

Here are this week's updates.

In other news...

  • yes, i'm aware regarding the issue on true martial world and martial world book 15. I still have to verify it though, and might just have to redownload the whole book volume.

  • i might have mis-interpreted someone's comments regarding completed novels, but there's a Completed Section for that. Now, if you're referring to titles that i've completed reading... here's a small list.
    • Ark - it's a VRMMORPG, korean story. There's a sequel to it though but the translation has stopped. Ark the Legend.
    • Breakers - the main character got transported into another world. Has gaming elements, so level ups and all that. The story wraps up nicely at the end.
    • Child of Light - it from the author of Douluo Dalu, Heavenly Jewel Change... well, point is, he has a lot of books. The story starts of lightly, being a favored child of light (hence the title). There's a nice war between races in the middle and at the end. There's really no closure to the ending, so there's that.
    • Demon King and Hero - this was a pet project of mine (in creating epubs). It has a short story so it's a quick read. No comment on the story as each chapter is a surprise.
    • Dimensional Sovereign - another korean novel. I like it for the fact that the storyline is kept simple. There's no deep plot to unravel. Just a good narrative of attaining power until its peak.
    • Dungeon Hunter - Personally one of my favorites, but it's a hard sell to others. A korean novel about monster dungeon simulation. The ending really resonates with me as to how everything comes full circle, the theme that is. I enjoyed it, but like i said, a bit hard to sell to others.
    • Everyone Else Is A Returnee - also another korean novel. It's from Toika (or Toy Car) so it's a fun read. I was also present along the ride until the completion of the series, so that was a fun ride. Read a few chapters, and if you like it, read the rest. The ending is also quite good.
    • Emperor of Solo Play - this one caught me by surprise. It's a VRMMORPG, and also that the main character got transported back in time. Did i forget to mention that it's also another korean novel? I read too much korean novel these days.
    • Half Prince - okay, so i haven't read the light novel (i am remaking it though, and it will take quite a while to complete it), but i finished the manga. So there.
    • I Shall Seal The Heavens - This novel comes highly recommended by everyone, me included. I mean, who doesn't know Meng hao? Quite a winded introduction spanning more than 100 chapters, but if you can make it past that, then you are in for one of the most addicting stories in the wuxia novels. The author also has other titles such as Renegade Immortal, Pursuit of the Truth, A Will Eternal and they all have a shared universe.
    • Invisible Dragon - This one's a masterpiece! A Must Read!
    • Seoul Station's Necromancer - another korean novel. Okay, so i'm quite biased when it comes to korean novels since i enjoy them more. A level up system and a dying world. Monsters and all that, similar to some of the korean titles that i've mentioned on this post.

As for titles that i've read, there's too many to mention, so i'll do it on another post.

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