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27 Mar

Qidian's Premium Novel Chapters - A Retrospection

Ahhh...., wuxia novels.

I wasn't there when all this translation of chinese novels started.

I was actually led from the manga, Doulo Dalu.

After reaching the last chapter of the manga, I searched for more.

And was linked to the novel translations of it.

And that was the start of it all.

The community was simple back then.

Translators depend on donations to fuel their motivation.

That's it.

There were various forms of it as well.

But mostly, it's to release more chapters.

Instead of the usual.

It was fun for all, 

but it usually put undue pressure to the translators.

Then another option was introduced.

The way of the Patreon.

It was what Paypal could have, but did not.

And creators loved it.

There are two models to choose from.

But the subscription model is more popular.

Readers subscribe to the translator's patreon.

And they get their advance chapters.

Then we have Qidian's Premium Chapters model.

Which, reverts back to the olden ways.

Readers want to read the premium chapters?

Then you have to spend some virtual currency called, "spirit stones"

To access the chapters.

This model has its own merits.

For one, you can "earn" spirit stones.

And you can access the premium chapters for free.

Technically, one can access the premium chapters,

Without spending a dime or three.

On a business standpoint, this is an awful idea.

But human nature can be exploited.

Humans are hardwired to want things -- now.

And it's called instant gratification.

When you look at it in another way,

The model used by Qidian is very persuasive.

By presenting the choice to the users,

Well, it's all up to you... really.


Well, that was a really weird post. But when i see readers posting about premium chapters and complaining about it, i can already see that the business model used is working effectively. Now, granted, most of the talks are negative, but this is precisely what is happening to us, when we gravitate towards wanting it - but not having it instantly. 

I'm not gonna join and sling some mud at each other, because that would be pointless. Irregardless of what you think, the business model is there, and it is working.

Anyways, with regards to releases. I only personally follow Release That Witch (so they'll be present). And lately, more and more titles are shifting towards Premium Chapter Novels. I'm not gonna promise anything for every premium chapters out there, but i may add them when possible.

It's also the reason i'm not committing myself to promise to do daily updates.

One, because it is realistically not possible for me to update everything, especially that it is still growing.

Two, the time when i started doing this, until up to this point, is still the same. That is, i'm doing this on my free time. In 24 hours, 10 hours is consumed by my work (8hours+2hours commute), 8 hours sleep, and 6 hours free time. That 6 hours of free time is also not definite as i have real life things to do (laundry, meals, hygiene, etc.). I usually have 2-3 hours to do this, more when i'm in the mood. And no, i have no plans to do this full time. 

Third, social and personal life. While i identify myself as having an INTJ Personality (i took 5 different personality tests, they all show the same results),  i also need some alone time by myself. Now, i do not seek social life, but I also do not disengage myself when with others. Personally, i prefer a good book or two (or ebook in this case), over a cup of coffee and a mellow background music or two. Kinda weird that i really don't enjoy binging on movies, unless it's really, really good.

Anyways, updates later? Maybeee.....

See you later!


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