Status and some updates

27 Jun

Hey there!

It's been more than one week since i was diagnosed from hypertension. And ever since then, i've been making some lifestyle changes and hopefully this will in turn, make it into a habit.

Aside from less sweets and food, while upping my exercise routine as well as daily 1km walk/jog (after doing gym), i'm feeling better.

More importantly i've increased my sleep from 5 hours to 6 hours. Still not the ideal sleep, but i'm working on it.

Just for reference, i usually sleep at 12 midnight, then wake up at 5am.

Now, i hit the sack at 11pm.

That's one more hour of sleep for me.

Anyways, updates.

I haven't really done updating the files as this gets posted.

So give it like 2 or 3 hours after this post, and the files should be updated.

Target series are:

- emperor's domination

- release that witch

- reincarnator

- i have a mansion in a post-apocalyptic world

that's it for now.

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