19 Jun

Hey there!

The vacation is already done, and i'm back to my old routine at work.

Unfortunately, i have some news to bring.

I happen to pass by our clinic and decided to have a blood pressure reading. After diagnosis, it turns out that i'm at stage 2 hypertension.

While my doctor was kind enough to send me from work, and i'll also have to avoid having anything to do that can make me stressful.

I'm also considering changing my lifestyle for the better, and while this is still not serious, it also serves as a wake up call for me to do things at my own pace, and not force myself on doing things that are unnecessary.

So i'm gonna be shifting my attention to things, and this will affect the releases.

I will be less inclined to do updates now, and will most likely update things when i have ample time to do it. 

I will also tend to do things at my own pace, instead of chasing deadlines.

And while this is not good and all, i think it is better that we are clear on WHAT TO EXPECT from all of this.

So let's be clear on that.

This is just the low point on this endeavor.

I expect things to get better, but who knows when that'll happen.

- Lisa

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