Quantity vs Quality

30 Apr

Now that i'm nearing 200 titles of custom made, personally handcrafted epubs, i think it's nice to look back at things in the past.

When i look back at when i started doing, it is worth mentioning that i update more frequently compared to today. There's actually a very good reason for that, but it basically boils down to the amount of titles today, compared to before.

But that's not all. Another equally important reason is quality.

There are two ways i can do releases. One, leave everything to the script. Or two, take time to edit.

I have been planning, for quite some time, to just leave it untouched from the script. And every time i do that, i fail spectacularly. The end result is just a messy piece of work.

Editing is also like 80% of all the work done on the epubs. Some titles have very minimal editing needed, while others are notoriously complicated, especially when there are lots of footnotes. Recent releases like Archfiend, and Emperor's Domination are quite notorious titles. It's also the reason why i still don't update The Grandmaster Strategist until today.

Which brings me to my main point. Why not use the script to automatically update the ePubs?

Actually, that's a really, really good point.

But, i don't. 

Basically, it all comes down on these points (in no particular order)

1. Someone is already doing it. (it's not really a reason, though)

- I know a few who relies on scripts to update their ePubs. And it somewhat works. They also have more titles compared to what i currently have. Granted, i also use scripts for the updates, i don't leave it to the scripts mainly because...

2. The output is very inconsistent.

- What that means is that every title has its own formatting and styles, that it's basically impossible to completely rely on the scripts for a decent output. They have a workaround with it though, through the use of aggregate sites. But even that, does not guarantee that the output is consistent. Which brings me to the next point...

3. It's the little things.

- It's the little things that count. When using scripts, you can define the structure for your output, so that it will look like what you want it to be on the end product. And yes, it works. But not all titles will follow your desired structure. Some chapters may have titles. Others repeat that. Others will not have one. Well, you get the point.

4. You'll be chasing cars all the time.

- What i mean by that is that you'll be chasing those mistakes every time someone mentions it. I see too many comments on those auto-scripts reminding them that the chapter numbers are broken, there are formatting errors on the chapters, etc, etc. And that is such a time waster, in my opinion.

So, there you have it. 

I'll be sticking doing manual. Releases might not be faster, but i won't be chasing cars all the time. Plus the quality's consistent, which is the main point of all these things.

See you later!

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