PSA: No Updates for a while (and no, i'm not sick)

12 Jun

Hey there!

It has been a while since i have made a post here, but the updates are still ongoing, and that's more important.

You may have noticed an influx of new titles being added on the shared files, which is great. I was testing a new script as well as a new aggregate source, which, so far, works. I still have to do editing, but most of the legwork has been eliminated.

Anyways, the updates for this week will have to be put on hold as i will be participating on our much needed company vacation. While this event will last two days starting tomorrow, i will also be taking a personal vacation after that for another 3 days.

I will be pretty much disconnected to anything with technology on that duration. That includes phones (call and texts only), laptops, game devices, etc.

So i hope you won't be too upset if i'll be gone for a while. Last time i checked, i've already exceeded more than 200 titles on the list, and there are literally over a thousand ePubs to read (yes, i did a quick count on the total epubs on the folders, including the exclusive ones). So an extended vacation or two is a nice reward for me.

So, i'll see you in a week or two.


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