New ePub Release!

08 Nov

Honestly speaking, i didn't expect to read a xianxia novel full of sex and innuendo.

Okay, so i've read i think about 4 or 5 chapters, so here's my version of the synopsis of it.

The main protagonist is initially a mortal that was selected to become the "cauldron" of the Pleasure Sect. Reverse rape happened and when the MC is about to die, he was saved by a lady from the sect. A totally OP character suddenly appears and destroys the sect and in the process, makes the MC his disciple. The item that saved the MC's life turns out to be something like a heirloom from an Immortal Emperor and inherits its methods and wisdom.

And the story starts from there.

Oh, and apparently, he's searching for his big brother, or was it small brother, all this time. I forgot to mention from above.

I guess i can expect more saucy innuendos from this.

Minors do not read this without parental guidance!

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