New ePub Release!

20 Apr

This is a requested title from my patreon!

It's more than 1200+ chapters, so my fingers are pretty much burned out.

The thing is, finding a really decent cover is a really really hard thing to do. It is one of the reasons why i don't release some titles on the site, because i don't have an appropriate cover for it.

But lisa, why don't you use the ones on novelupdates?

Because those are low quality ones. And i hate using them. So you're at my mercy! MWAHAHA!

I'd rather use a placeholder than use a low quality one. And even i hate that idea, so No más.

Btw, a shoutout to Wojtczak for sharing a couple of their ePubs to me~

I'm going to ravage them and put them on the site soon. (well, technically it's fine to modify them soo.. i will~)

As for the query regarding RoyalRoad Novels by Eva....

I really have no plans at the moment, mainly because

1) i am not a frequent visitor to that site (i just registered though)

2) i am not familiar with it

So throw me a bone, and recommend some titles. I'll take a look-see but i won't make any promises.

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