Just A Post To Pass The Time

21 May

Hey there!

Looks like i won't be posting some updates soon as i've an offsite business meeting to attend to.

and i kinda enjoy expressing things, so let's continue with that.

- yes, i am employed. I work for a utilities company that produces electricity using steam. So my company produces powah!!!

- i am from the Philippines! I think most already know that. And since there's only one company in the Philippines that produces electricity via steam... now you know. (or just google it, really)

- i've been in the internet far longer than you might think. The earliest i've dabbled with it is 20 years ago. 

- i've been part of a lot of communities too. Back when Ragnarok Online was so popular, i used to hang out at the Ragnarok Ogaming Forums (which is now a different place). I've also created my own RO server, which at that time, was a miracle by itself. But then again it only has a capacity of 10 people, so there's that.

- I also hang out at HongFire Forums. That was when i got fed up with ragnarok that my interests shifted into torrents and anime. Back then, HongFire was a torrent site. Eventually, that section was removed due to reasons. Then it shifted into a download-sharing community. Oh, i was a member back then, but got promoted, so basically i'm one of the Admins there. Here's a fun fact: you might have remembered the existence of nyaa.se, an anime torrent site that finally stopped way back a few years ago. Well, initially the existence of that site is partially caused by HongFire. See, the torrent section of HF is notoriously horrible, but people use it anyway. Nyaa, also an active community member got fed up, and decided to create its own torrent site. Torrent Section got removed, nyaa became the official de-facto anime torrent site, until it got popular enough to stand on its own. HongFire still exists today. 

- I don't remember hanging out on other sites besides those mentioned. I actively hang out at KissManga and read the user comments, but never actively participated in them. The same can be said for novelupdates forums. (in fact, i've long deleted my posts and comments on their forums)

- it's also a surprise that someone mentioned my Rune Factory walkthrough! Yes, i did create a Rune Factory walkthrough, but because i was not that adept at money things in the internet back then, that i failed to get my 50 dollar bounty from GameFAQs! Shame on you, Lisa! Shame on you! Do i have plans to create walkthroughs for other games? Yes. But i think they'll be present on this site instead. In fact, if you look hard enough, the links are already up, but the contents are hardly useful. (please don't look!)

- speaking of novelupdates, the site's a boon for novel readers such as us, but the community behind it is sooo  volatile and close-minded. i enjoy an exchange of open ideas and suggestions, especially criticizing their points and opinions, but damn, their community is so close-minded that any efforts to produce a meaningful discussion is thrown off the sidewalk. It's good that they exist, but their community is just not for me.

- do i have an opinion for premium chapters? oh, yes! I think it's a good business model. But personally, i'm quite biased on the subscription model by patreon.

- do i have a patreon? Why yes! Choices are good,yes? If you're fed up with ads, then you can join my patreon and you'll have access to all my files. When i update, your files will also be automatically updated. (I'm such a miser!) 1st level will simply have the links to my files. 2nd level will have the links to my files, plus access to some titles which are not present on the site. (OMG!) the 5th and last level will have access to all files, plus some titles which are not present on the site. Only this time, multiple books are compiled into one versions (yay!) (in progress...).

- boo! you should make this all free! i want it all! Haha, no. 

- Personally though, i've already shared the epubs on the site, so there's basically no difference. Those titles which are currently not present on site will eventually get added on the site. As for compilations, they're appreciation for those who have supported me on this.

- you should advertise more! No. The idea of my site getting popular or too popular puts me in an "apprehensive" mood. I'm just fine people discovering my site. No need for "unwanted" problems and whatnot.

- wow, this took a whole lot longer than i wanted. Well, happy reading!

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