Important Announcement Incoming

13 Jun
Hey there, folks!
Lisa here, and i have some important announcement to make. 

There are going to be some big changes that will be happening, and it will most likely affect everything that i've currently set up. It has been almost 3 years that i've started doing this, and my collection has grown since then. And this collection has become cluttered as of late. While i consider myself quite organized on most things, things just take a natural turn that needs some changes to be done. Plus, ever since i've started this, until to date, it's still just me doing all the legwork, so i need to simplify things, or i will never get things organized.

So i took another hard look on how to clean-up this clutter and simplify things. This will be another revision i will be making on my side. This makes 5? or is it 6? 
I dunno. I lost count already. Maybe i'm just OCD. Don't mind me.

So there will be changes. Big changes.
  • First off, i will be transferring to a new dropbox account for the ebooks. I will be emailing patrons on the new dropbox link, in the succeeding days, that i will be using from now on.  I'm already on the process of transferring the files to the new dropbox account as you read this post.

  • Second, I will be revising the tier post. LV1 and LV2 tier will be collapsed into one. LV5 will remain as is. I don't know what will happen when i remove the tier, so i'll probably email you all when it happens. I will be dropping the dollar tier, and will be retaining the 2 dollar tier instead.

  • Third, the new dropbox link will not be accessible to those who have declined. You will still retain the files. You will just have no access to the updates.

  • Fourth, and a big one. The compiled versions of the ebooks will now be available to all tiers. This will drastically reduce the number of ebooks i juggle from 1,200+, down to just around 200+ ebooks. This will also shave at most, 500mb of file size too. LV2 tiers will greatly benefit this.

  • Fifth, the tiers will be changed to Cafe Basic and Cafe Plus. The basic will have access to all the epub titles that will be present on my website. The plus version will have access to other titles that they have requested, and also priority requests.

  • Sixth, (this is completely unrelated to patrons), the website will also have major revisions done. I Still haven't planned what changes will be done to the site, but one thing that will change is the Data Studio that will be replaced with a more streamlined one.

  • Seventh, (still unrelated to patrons) i will be giving up the password requirement to all ebook links. I know these links are bundled to a link revenue service, but i really appreciate it if you use it as is, especially when the streamlined version will be up.

Please expect these changes to happen within the duration of this month.  Also, updates will be put on hold until the transfer and setup to the new accounts is done, which should be around 3-4 days.

Is it foolproof? Nah... Will this be the last revision? Of course not...

Until then, see you later!
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