The Characters

The Builder

This is the main character of the story. The only human with the power to create, you are tasked to rebuild the kingdom of Alefgard to its former glory. 


The Almighty Goddess. Rubiss is the diety who aids you in the world of Alefgard. She gives you the Flag of Hope at every start of the chapter and guides you in rebuilding each town to its glory.


"The Once And Future King of Darkness"

The Dragonlord is the leader of all monsters in the world of Alefgard. He plunged the world of Alefgard to ruin when the Hero accepted his offer to rule half the world. He is also responsible of taking away the human's power to create. 

The Bosses

The Golem

"The Brick And Mortar Slaughterer"

The Golem is the boss of the 1st Chapter. Formerly a protector of Cantlin Town, he shows up at the end to stop your plans of rebuilding the town.

The Hades Condor

The Hades Condor is the boss of the 2nd Chapter. The Hades Condor oversees the poisonous land of Rimuldar, and is hellbent on stopping you from rebuilding Rimuldar Town.

Magmalice/Firn Fiend

The Boss of the 3rd Chapter.